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Where can I buy Dashi (seafood stock)? Do any grocery stores or specialty stores carry it?

Stores I have tried: Safeway, WalMart Supercenter, NuggetWhere can I buy Dashi (seafood stock)? Do any grocery stores or specialty stores carry it?
Albertsons, Vons %26amp; Ralphs carry it (at least in the larger CA cities).

Whole Foods %26amp; Ranch 99 stores have it %26amp; any Asian market will have it.

Every Japanese store will def have it (Nijiya, Mitsuwa...)
In the asian section of your supermarket.Where can I buy Dashi (seafood stock)? Do any grocery stores or specialty stores carry it?
you can now buy dashi stock in powder form, and you'll just add water. a lot of japanese restaurants use it so try yur japanese grocery
try your chinese supermarkets, I have seen fish stock cubes but can't remember where

or why not make it yourself, with shrimp shells and some vegs
Try any store with an asian section or an asian food store. (It comes in a powder/granulated form in a bottle.)

You can also make it yourself.

Bring 10g of dried kelp to a simmer in 5 cups of water, on a low heat. (Do not boil or it will turn your stock murky). Remove the kelp when it floats.

Add 20g of bonito flakes and boil for 10min.

Strain and reserve stock.

If you are using it to make miso soup or noodle soup stock, add 10g of Niboshi (dried baby sardines). Simmer for 10mins and skim off the foam.

Strain and reserve stock.

Admitedly, the ingredients to make the stock are probably just as hard to find...
dashi is not seafood stock, its seaweed stock and any ethnic grocer might have it
Your Safeway didn't have it? I bought my last jar from Safeway! Go to an oriental specialty store or keep looking in grocery stores in the oriental section. Here's a recipe for you also I hoep this helps. Good Luck!

Buy dashi kombu (kelp for broth) and dried shiitake in Japanese grocery store. I would recommend buying the good kombu as it makes much better broth and one package will last long time

basic dashi

4 cups of water

3x6 inches long konbu (Dried kelp)

3-4 dried shiitake


Wipe the konbu with clean cloth to remove dirt. Put kombu and shiitake from cold water bring to boil. Just before the water comes to a boil.

turn down heat and simmer for 10 minutes.

Makes 4 servings

you can use this stock for anything including European dish that requires broth

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