Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is this normal to be eating all of this food?

i'm home from break but have been eating like CRAZY. i have been taking provera to get my period so is this one of the side effects? i noticed weight gain too. i'm just nervous because thankgiving is tomorrow. i am 20 yrs. 5'2 1/2' and weigh around 108..i have a lot of muscle %26amp; work out a lot. i worked out for an hour on the elliptical plus 40 min on the treadmil at 6.4 mph %26amp; weight lifting. i dont normally do that much but i keep binging n eating soooo much stuff. here is what i ate today:


l-ham %26amp; cheese on light wheat bread

d-chicken fried rice at a japanese steakhouse

snacks- i was hungry when i got back again.

3 wheat crackers

2 pieces of fat free corn bread

a bowl of cheerios

a serving of dried pineapple

a few baked lays chips|||THis isnt alot at all. Your skinny, Young and workout alot. Really this is about the amount normal people eat maybe even less. The difference is normal people dont remember all they eat.|||maybe ur preggers|||You're a healthy weight, you're reccomended weight is around 110lbs so don't worry!

You also get quite abit of exercize so you're burning most of what you ear.

You don't eat that much, and some of these people whom have commented are just messing with you, and some just extremely unknowlaged.

You're eatting under 1,300 calories .. which usually is for weightloss- i'd reccomend that you acctrually increase you're intake abit while adding some fruit/ vegetables and calcium!

Ex: - Adding a cup of 1% milk at breakfast with you're cearel and 1/4 cup dried fruit, 1/2 cup berries, or 1 medium fruit- banana, apple, orange, etc..

- Adding an apple with you're lunch

- Instead of the baked lays/ wheat crackers consume 1/4 cup nut's or 1/2 cup trail mix for healthy fats/ protein.

- Try adding a yoghurt/ cottage cheese in as a snack too!

Hope i'v helped, goodluck|||No not at all. I think that its perfectly normal. Everyone gains weight during the holidays... we have to stay warm. lol :) I also dont think that you willl gain that much weight, in a way eatting like this and exerciseing is doing your body good. So dont sweet it. Enjoy life, have fun, dont worry and live carefree. Happy Holidays Hope I helped:)

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