Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My bf belittles me and I have a secret I have been keeping?

My bf has been belittling about not being a succeeding woman and wanting to know if I was going somewhere with my life. He said "Had I known you were living with my Grandmother and didn't have a job I would of never spoke to you." He also always says his ex is this or that and always had a job.

So I got tired of him saying this and decided to fill my entire about me out. This is what he didn't know about me.

~My goals and successes~

I have been in many art shows in the past and have won a few awards in 2nd and 3rd placing as well as a Commercial arts medal and certificate degree. I have a few travel painting that are all over in different places and have a few copyrights on some of my paintings that were signed over to traveling art shows and fairs. I am currently dedicating a painting to Japan relief and collaborate with other artist in group projects that contain both cash prizes and winnings that are split and shared among the attenders. I am apart of a few meetup groups and show case some of my artwork in meetings that are held a few times yearly. The current art show I am attending will be held in November where I introduce the completed Koi painting dedicated to Japan and those who passed away in the tsunami with a hidden prayer wall within the painting. I worked as a patch designer for clothing and accessories in 2008 at Sew N Sew Designs. In 2010 I worked at Yamato Japanese steakhouse as waittressing. I have been offered teaching art as an apprentice in the College of Arts at USF, but have been continuing education myself in the art field with in mind teaching as a career choice. I have 18 hours community service in the arts and creativity for educating children for the arts. Currently listing and rating my artwork I enjoy dedicating and giving to charities and causes selling my art

Will my background in art put a shocker on him or at least make him stop thinking of me as trash. I have no clue what to do anymore. I told him I was an artist and he never asked me what it is I did or was good at, just belittled me.

What do you think?|||WOW. You're amazing from what I hear, you have something going in life %26amp; your boyfriend is a douche. Sorry, but he is. If all you told him was "I'm an artist :)" %26amp; his response or thought is similar to a *shrug*, a "oh ok.?" Or no response or something similar along those lines AND he's STILL belittling you then he doesnt really care much.

If I were you I'd tell him what you've done %26amp; all of your good work %26amp; end it with "oh but I'm an 'unsuccessful woman' right? Yeah, were done" (but I'm kinda harsh so if your not comfortable w/this then don't do it lol) If you tell him now then he might take advantage of that %26amp; then see you doing all of this good AMAZING stuff %26amp; then belittle you even more. If he's doing it now %26amp; not caring then imagine when you tell him %26amp; he sees that as a competition or a "oh snap, she actually does something, let me put her down even more"

Sorry if my answer was long, I just don't think women should be put down by anyone. Lol

Hope I helped :]|||Honey, with your background you don't need the Bozo.Kick him to the curb and keep on being successful,my hats off to you Good luck.|||Tell him, if you think it will give you satisfaction, but honestly, I think breaking up with him and finding yourself a much nicer guy would be a lot more satisfying.|||leave him, no one should put up with comments like that from anyone.

if he doesn麓t know all of this about you already what kind of sad-sick relationship are you having?|||Find a new boyfriend. Now.|||no it will ( sadly ) not make one ounce of difference --- because his smalll little mind will not comprehend your ability and indeed --- because he didn't bother to listen to your abilities or anything you wanted to tell him --- he will push you aside --- because he has grown used to pushing you around --- you need to walk this fool to the kerb and apply your talents in the best way you can and for others to appreciate --- you will find some connection with someone who has a similar goal as you --- instead of a dead - beat that cannot see the forest for the trees --- good luck|||i think that you need to find a new bf. because a real man like myself would appreciate you for who you are/that 's a beautiful woman.your bf ought to shower you with encouragement .as you've stated you told him that you're an artist/so it's not like you're hiding anything from him.i think that you need a guy that will make you feel special like a real woman should.|||Honestly you might want to break up with this guy. Seems to me that nothing you say will help your situation, you might want to break up with him and then tell him what you do. If he treats you bad now, I doubt he will ever change. Especially when he talks about his ex, he might even still have feelings for her or something if he mentions her often, Best advice is to get rid of him and do your own thing and succeed in life. :) Good luck!|||You should find someone who loves you for you. Not for what you have done or what you will become. I will pray for you :) P.S. Listen to this song I am linking for you. I hope it helps you.|||There is a good deal about art here, good job ! Maybe even too much ;)

Anyways, i think you should keep it secret. He shouldnt treat u that way. IF you cant stand him anymore, than leave him after telling him about these accomplishments.

By the way this would probably shock him. =)

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