Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Interracial dating conflict with my family?

I love my family very much but when it comes to me and my happiness and my own choices I have problems with them.I was talking with my aunt about me dating and she says "She better be black".I was upset and I told her the truth that I really don't care what race my wife will be as long as she is beautiful to me,makes me fill complete and loves me.My cousin will get at me all the time too and I don't like it one bit.

My mom and aunt are even rude at oriental and mexican restaurants.My aunt literally made unrelenting complaint after complaint about not wanting rice in her noodles at a Japanese steakhouse restaurant on my birthday(my grandmother served them it so much she hates it).My mom says all of the time that if I bring a asian girl home she isn't sitting on the floors.It angers me so much that they say these things considering we are black and my grandmother,their own mother is half black and half native american.My aunt and mom will not except the fact that the themselves aren't just black.My aunt even said no about me liking a girl I know from Africa.

It sucks so much how they are so discriminate and they themselves are discriminated against and I don't know why they care that I marry someone who isn't like them.It's like they expect me to marry a relative or cousin.|||your life is your life. Anyone not accepting your happiness is not worthy of being in *your* life.|||I'm really sorry, but in the end you'll have to do what makes you happy. You can't please everyone and they are wrong for being like that. I can see where your coming from. My parents and grandparents want me to stay in my race. It's stupid but if you find someone that you really love and they aren't in your race then don't listen to them. It shouldn't matter what they look like as long as you love them. Hope things work out for you!|||Yeah, some people are like that. My family doesn't want me dating a White guy at all, but at the same time, my mom wants me to have kids that carry on my dad's look, which is green eyes and red/blonde hair! Whatever. Anyway, I think you should date who you want. Just don't act like all Black women act like your family. I get so sick of having to hear Black men stereotype Black women just as bad as racist whites.

Also, I personally think Black Americans who date out should at least educate themselves on AA culture. I see many Black people who are uneducated and know NOTHING about where we come from. What will their biracial kids think?? Thats the problem though, because too many Black people have no pride in our ancestors or what they struggled for. We've become a group of people who only want to make our individual selves happy. Thats terrible and its breaking apart our community.|||Just do yourself a favor and date who you want. I know it might seem like that will be hard but date who you want and when you come across someone you really like then warn them of how your family is. The truth is it sounds like you are surrounded by alot unhappy women within themselves. A mother and aunt should accept and love any woman you bring home as long as they are respectful. But there is no reason to worry about it till there is a woman you are serious about in the picture. Who knows you might fall for someone who they will like and if not then the truth is you have to live your life you can't do that trying to make everybody else happy. After you are an adult you make your own decisions. I'm white and have a similar problem with my family since I date latino men but I don't care what they say I'm going to do what makes me happy and if they dont like it then oh well my life and my happiness not theirs.

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