Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Did i really GAIN 4 lbs overnight?


Last night was my 15th b day and i had a dinner party to celebrate. We went to a japanese steakhouse called Wasabi and i had grilled shrimp, teriyaki chicken with fried rice. After i ate that i felt really full and my stomach was sort of sticking out and i didnt like that. But, i was STILL HUNGRY. So after we left Wasabi we decided to walk our city's towncenter and go shopping. It was hard for me because there are so many thin girls where i live and im medium sized. But anyways when got home me and my sister decided to go up to Publix(grocery store) and get some snacks. I had a bag of skittles and two medium sized bags of Cool Ranch Doritos. So after that, I had high hopes about not gaining weight and that i will be able to keep my food down[I'm a recovering bulimic remember?] So this morning i woke up and i weighed myself and i went from 139.5lbs to 143lbs OVERNIGHT!

I'm really panicking right now, im so scared of becoming fat because ive suffered from that already.


Maybe my metabolism isnt high enough???? or, my scale isnt right??

im thinking about not eating anymore.

i dont care, but i just want to know, did i really gain 4lbs just from eating dinner and some snacks???

REMEMBER, I AM A RECOVERING BULIMIC!! i was bulimic for 6 months and ive been recovering for about 3-4 days now.|||These things happen when you weigh yourself everyday. I've noticed similar things during my weight loss. When you weighed yourself yesterday, you're scale may not have been set to "0". Also, you may have been dehydrated when you weighed yourself.

Believe me, there's no way to gain 4 lbs. in one day. You're fine, stop stressing.|||gee. don't eat soooooo much junk food at once...|||Do not weigh yourself every day. Always weigh your self at the same time every week and wear approximately the same thing.

Remember muscle weighs more than fat. Take measurements/

Make sure you are working with a mental health professional that understands eating disorders.|||it's really only 3.5 lbs... not 4, u can lose it again

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