Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is he still interested in me?

Alright, so last night, this guy and I went out on our first date together. He picked me up, then we went to see Little Fockers. He paid for the both of us and saw a friend in the movie theater. He told him that he was just 'taking a lady out to the movies', and then they talked for a little bit before we were making our way to the room. Throughout the movie we both laughed a lot, and then when it was time to go, he checked his cell and told me it was about time to go pick up his roommate and his roommate's girlfriend, cause we were going out to dinner with him. He was a total gentleman, he held doors open for me, pulled out my chair, and even picked up my glass and carried it over when we had to switch tables. (We were eating at a Japanese steakhouse and the table we were sitting at didn't have a working grill.) Anyways, we talked a bit while we waited but him and his friend did most of the talking. Just joking around and such. Then we left, and went back to his place to watch a movie. He had his cousin come over, her ex gf, and a friend. We had to share a recliner chair, so we were pretty much smooshed together but it was nice because we cuddled. He put his arm around me and I rested my head on his shoulder. Even kissed him on his cheek. When the movie was over, I announced that I had to get home because my curfew was nearing. He seemed really sad when I told him that, and got much quieter after. On the drive home we conversated a bit and when he finally pulled up, he parked and kind of looked at me so I leant in to give him a kiss on the cheek and he kissed me on the cheek back, hugged me, and told me he had a fun time. He made sure I got inside before he left, and we talked a bit on facebook last night about the night. He told me I'm his girl, ect. Told me I should message him tomorrow when I wake up because his phone is turned off. He needs a new SIM card for it. Anyways, what do you guys think? And sorry it's so long, I just really need advice. Do you think he'll ask for another date? I thought it went pretty well.|||YYEESSS!!! He will ask for another date...silly. Obviously he was into you. He also sounds like a great guy!

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