Friday, February 24, 2012

What is edamame?????

It looks like the little pea pods that are cooked in stir frys. Is the the same thing? How do you eat it? Is it healthy? I want to order it at a Japanese steakhouse. Is it served with anything? I am kind of allergic to the stir fry pea pods, so will I be allergic to edamame? A lot of questions sorry!|||edamame is young soybeans that have not been dried. You usually find them frozen in Asian markets and sometimes in health food markets. Japanese people steam them then sprinkle them with salt and eat them as a snack with beer, or sometimes include them in cooked dishes or salads (based on what my Japanese room-mate has done here at home). You must remove the beans from the pod, which is inedible. I am a|||Pea pods are peas.

Edamame is boiled soybeans. It's usually cooked with salt or other flavors, but you should order other food too. To eat edamame, you have to suck the beans out of the pod. The pod is really hard to eat and it's not healthy. The beans themselves are soybeans, so yeah, they're healthy!

It's really tasty and wayyyy better than pea pods. Go for it!|||Edamame are soybeans. They are related to snow peas, or mangetouts, those things you see in stirfry, but not the same. The easiest way to enjoy them is to dump them in boiling water for 5-6 minutes, remove them, and sprinkle the shell with salt, then shuck them and eat them as a snack.|||Edamame = Boiled soy bean pods

You eat them by eating the soy beans inside, the pods are too tough.

Usually eaten as is as a appetizer.

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