Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm looking for a job. Which of these would be good?

I'm getting a job in Lynchburg, va. Here are a list of places that are here. Tell me which would be good and if I'm allowed to work there. I'm 17, graduated highschool but have a bday in sept.

Hot Topic


Best Buy

Barnes and Noble


Golden Corrall

Ruby Tuesdays

Logan's Roadhouse

Texas Steakhouse

Buffalo Wild Wings



Vitamin Shoppe



Koto (Japanese Steakhouse)

Red Lobster

Crown Sterling


I'm looking for a job that can cover gas expenses (It's a 45 minute drive) and for me to have spending money|||Any job that serves alcohol you have to be eighteen for (and probably Spencers because of the sexual objects and such). Most jobs are looking for at least eighteen year olds, anyway. I think you'd be fine at IHOP, Barnes and Noble, Hot Topic, Walmart, and FYE.|||Don't just think about the present, think about what to do in the present to better the future.

Best buy(lots of advancement opportunities)

Wal-mart and target(same reason)

Make sure you'll enjoy working there, the schedule and team members.

though i doubt any of these employers will cover gas expenses.

Try a part time job and part time school(community college).

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