Friday, February 24, 2012

My employer is doing a lot of illegal things that affects the employees. What can I do?

I'm a server in a Japanese Steakhouse and I, along with the other (non-Japanese) employees have a lot of issues with how it's being ran. For one, our paychecks are like personal checks. We don't get pay stubs and we don't even know if taxes are being taken out. The manager gets paid a salary and still takes as many tables, if not more, than the servers. We have to tip out 3% of our sales, but we bus our own tables, wash our own dishes, and even help prepare some of the food. Is there anything I can do about any of this and still be able to keep my job? If jobs weren't so scarce, I'd be on to the next one, but I'm a single mom so I can't quit. All I want is a pay stub, a tax return, and for the psycho/crazy/annoying manager be a manager and stop taking our money.|||If you are cleaning your own tables,washing dishes, and everything else, who in the hell are you tipping out? I would call the HR and labor board. Something isn't right.|||Call Human Resources. I think the call can be anonymous.|||talk to the manager

if he blows you off, report him|||Sounds llike you have a winner of a boss. Every state has different labor laws. Even though your boss sounds like a jerk the only law that he sounds like he may be breaking is the tax law but you will be able to tell that when it comes time to get your w-2. You can however annoyomously call your local labor department and they are bound by law to investigate any and all claims and he has to comply or be fined.If i were you I would give them a call.|||Did you fill out a W-2 tax form upon being hired? If not, then something illegal is happening. You need to pay taxes, and contribute to social security, or it will not be counted later on upon retirement.

If he cannot show you a pay stub with a breakdown of taxes, take it to your local social security office and report them. Keep a few copies of your paychecks for proof. If possible get the other co-workers to understand this predicament. If you complain as a group it is more effective.

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