Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Six Month Anniversary Idea?

My girl friend and I are about to celebrate our six months of being together. My idea for celebrating it is to replay the night I asked her out. I asked her the night of our senior prom. I had her find envelopes that gave her words to the question "will you go out with me?" but the "me?" was written on a shirt i was wearing. she came upstairs to find me and the shirt with a rose. So for our six month, first I was goin to take her to the same place we ate that night, a japanese steakhouse. Following that, we will go back to my house where I will have her find evelopes that tell her where to find a surprise, a dress and a final letter that tells her to meet me in the other room. i will be there with the "me?" tshirt and a jacket and slacks. I will then play a song or two that we dance to. then i will give her either a scrapbook or book of poems (that i have gone through and picked the ones i feel i can relate to) and while she is goin through that, i will bring her a promise ring to promise that i will continue to love her and no one else and that i will always be there for her. What do you guys think?|||depends on your age. but it does sound all very sweet|||Well, I have to say that I think that idea is very very very good! I think that she would really like that and the scrapbook/book of poems/promise ring really seems to make it even better because you are doing that from your thoughts and feelings, which should make her really happy and feel special.

I also think the idea of getting her to remember the night of your senior prom was really good. What girl wouldn't want to remember the night her boyfriend asked her out? I, personally, think that you should do what you planned above because I am sure that would make her feel really special to know that you did all of that for her. Great idea!

Good luck and happy 6th month anniversary! :D

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