Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to politely phrase HS graduation/Army "send-off" party invitations?

My daughter is graduating from high school and then leaving for the military within two weeks. We do NOT want my in-laws at our house AT ALL, for a variety of reasons. We do, however, want to invite them for the sake of their grandchild. So, to be equitable, we want to make it clear that we are meeting for dinner, and then going to a play. We will pay for dinner (NOT alcohol) at a Japanese Steakhouse close to the theater, but they have to pay for their own hotel and (reduced) theater tickets.

How do we make this clear,without being rude? Also, no one is needy or can't afford it--in fact, we are probably the lowest income of all of them. We don't expect them to completely cover everything, but the dinner is seriously all we can afford.

Any suggestions?|||The invitation should be for the dinner only. You can add a note telling them that after dinner you are taking your daughter to a play and informing them of where they can purchase tickets if they'd like to attend. Enclose information on hotels in the area and maybe mention the ones you think they'd enjoy most.

There is not truly polite way to tell someone they aren't welcome in your home, but I hope this helps.|||Please join us on May 17th to help us send off (daughter) in style. Dinner will begin at 6:00pm at (name) Steakhouse, located at 123 Main Street in Chicago. In respects to (daughter) this will be an alcohol-free evening.

If you wish to join us, we will be attending (play) play after dinner at (name) theater. Tickets are $40 and can be purchased by calling 800-123-4567.

The Hilton Garden Inn has rooms available for $139 a night. Please use discount code HSA when booking. 1-800-123-4567.|||This is simple to do.....

We, (Your names) are inviting you to join in the graduation celebration and going away party for (daughter name) on (date ) at (location.)

We will have dinner at (time.)

Please RSVP by (date) with who will be attending.

Please be advised that all alcohol will be on a cash bar basis.

After dinner, we will be going to (local theatre). If you wish to join us at the (theatre name) you can purchase your tickets by (insert how to purchase and cost).

Thank you.|||My dying grandmother and I are taking a trip to So. Africa in June. She will be wearing a bracelet around her neck. I am to purchase one 4 miles East of the Chinese Embassy. Should I get a spear for her? If so, are they heavy? She will need an extra hand to carry her oxygen.
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