Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One month anniversary dilemma!?

This coming Saturday is my girlfriend and I's one month anniversary and I am completely stumped on what to get her. She has already told her best friend, who I do not like very well, that we were going to double date and go mini golfing or something like that. I don't know if I should tell her I've changed my mind and want to go by ourselves somewhere nice (like a Japanese steakhouse) or to a more mellow restaurant (kind of area like a burger joint).

My second problem is that I Don't Know What To Get Her!!! I've read many other topics on this and many say get something nice but others say that getting her something too nice will push her away. I was thinking some flowers/roses or something like that but I'm not completely certain. Also, she's already stated that all she wants is flowers. Please help I'm completely stumped....|||Since she said all she wants is flowers I think you should just get her flowers and make her a card. One month isn't that long so you should save the nice gifts for anniversaries like 6 months. You can tell her you think your anniversary would be more special if just the two of you went on a date together and you can compromise by suggesting that you go out on the double date a different night. Tell her you want to take her to a nice restaurant and just want to spend quality time talking with her on your anniversary and I think she should be happy with your suggestion.|||Why are you celebrating ONE MONTH??

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