Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I have a friend issue.. advice please?

2 months ago I invited a friend if mine to eat at a japanese steakhouse for dinner on my birthday. We had a great time and everything. I've been friends with her for the beginning of the school year and now everytime I ask her if we can hang out, its always "Oh i'm busy babysitting." " I'm grounded." Then on facebook I see that she always put statuses about hanging out with her other friend at the mall etc on the day she told me those exuses. Then I think, well aren't you grounded and aren't you babysitting? I'm not jealous but sometimes I think she is lying. In school she talks about having a pool party in the Summer. She talked about everyone she was invtiting but she never asked me. The reason why I know for sure is because right in front of me, she said to someone else " Yeah, I'm done inviting people." I thought.. well I invited her to dinner and she never wants to hang out. Can I have advice on how to talk to her about it. Maybe she's not a true friend and she could be using me. -__- Oh and she talks to me in school and acts nice.. so thats whats really bothering me too.|||Some people do that, they act nice and all and promise all kinds of things

to do together and such to no avail and then it never happens.

These people are just "talkers" they have chosen their group of friends or acquaintances

and will not be bothered with whom they have not regarded as part of their choice, putting up

just a front.

Do not let this bother you. You don't need someone like that, people like that it's all about them. Pay no more attention to her and find yourself some nice friends you can relate to that will walk the walk and talk the talk.|||I think you should just stop talking to her at school and she questions you about ask her how her pool party was and then walk away.|||I would just go up to her and be like, "listen, I had a really fun time when we went to that japanese restaurant and I know that you did too, but now I feel like you are trying to avoid me. If you don't want to be friends, that's cool, but tell me now so i don'tt have to keep guessing"

I had the same sort of thing happen to me with my BFF. We went out for my b-day and then she kept making up all of these excuses to avoid me and hang out with her other BFF. then, i told her the same thing i told you and she said she didn't want to hurt my feelings by saying she was with the other girl. Now we all go places together|||She ain't really your true friend, real friends don't treat people like that. She should have the decency to at least ask if you would like to attend this party after you have taken her out to the Japanese meal. I should still converse with her at school but would also look for someone else for a friend and make sure she is a friend before you splash out on treats like a Japanese meal for two. And on fb don't acknowledge that you have seen her posts or have read them, you should move on to new friends both at school and at home she will realise after awhile that you have other friends and want to know why you don't associate with her anymore, then you can tell her how you feel or how much it upset you when you found out she wasn't grounded or baby sitting and didn't get an invite to the party if you like. This will hurt her more than it hurt you so good luck and hope you make new friends.|||She is flaky and doesn't want to be your friend and it's easier for her to lie to you than tell the truth. Middle school is the worst, and I can't imagine going through it again with facebook being around. Find someone who appreciates your friendship-you will have a lot more fun.
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