Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Does this sound like alot of food?

Or does it sound somewhat healthy? Im turning 15 next month....and I have been trying to eat healthier. I have been questioning this plan for today though...

Breakfast: A mini chocolate chip pancake and a green apple

Some crackers and garlic dip (probably not very healthy....its made with sour cream and tomatoes)

Lunch: Some pasta salad (shell pasta with dried cranberries, sliced almonds, lettuce, and lite caesar dressing [not the creamy kind]) water to drink.

I think for dinner we are going to a Japanese steakhouse....I will probably just get some chicken or salad)

I snack very often....any tips to stop this habit of snacking when unnecessary? Last time I weighed myself I was around 118 lbs :( Im 5'5 ish|||Your Still thin for your height.

eat what you want.|||First I want you to know that your Body Mass Index is is underweight so turn that frown upside down because you're in a healthy weight range.

Now if you're trying to eat healthier, try sticking to high fiber and protein because you will get full faster.

Your diet for the day is good and pretty healthy. The only thing I might switch out is those chocolate chip pancakes for a big bowl of cereal because your breakfast is supposed to be the biggest meal of the day! You can eat a nice big bowl of cereal that should keep you snack-free until lunchtime.

If you're hungry, chew a piece of big red's proven that it curbs hunger. Also, peppermints serve the same kind of purpose. Ice (don't chew, but suck) is also good for that.

Good luck!!! :) and be happy with your body!|||Its not bad to snack when you snack healthily like on fruits and veggies

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