Friday, February 24, 2012

Romantic dinner ideas?

My partner and I are going out to dinner for our anniversary next week. We're going to a teppan yaki style japanese steakhouse, so it'll be family style dining. I want to have the restaurant do something to surprise her with when we get there, but I'm having trouble thinking of anything. I'm making a reservation, so I'll have a chance to request something special. I'm trying to think of cute plate settings or maybe something they could do with sushi? Anyone? Please help...|||You should call and ask them if they do something special for anniversary's. Most of the place's do have deserts that they do for birthdays and anniversary's. If they don't you can always make your reservation call the florist and tell them you want a small flower arrangement delivered to the restaurant and coordinate with the restaurant so they will know what is going on. Make sure you tell the florist what it is for so they will make it romantic. The flowers can be there when you get there so that will be the first thing that she see's.|||You could have some flowers delivered ahead of time for your table but think short so you aren't looking around them to watch the dinner preparation. Maybe you could have a small gift under the chefs side of the table that he could flip at her to catch. I would try to get them to serve just you guys if that's possible. Call and tell them what's going on and that you want it to be special and would prefer not to share the table with other diners.

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