Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Should i be upset about these things?

around christmas time I got my boyfriend the game he wanted for his new ps3. i didnt get anything till a few weeks later because at the time he didnt have the money. which i completely understand i really dont want anything big anyways.. just something that says i care and was thinking about you basically.

but valentines day is coming up.. last sunday he took me out to dinner and a movie which was nice ya no? But I keep saying valentines day is coming up I wanted to go out to dinner then.. I wanted to go to this japanese steakhouse and he said that was to much money. I offered to help pay but he said no.. for me and him both would be like 60 dollars which is basically what he spent on the movies and dinner on sunday... Hes going out and buying these things and I feel like hes not even thinking about valentines day. I mean I would just be happy with a handmade card. I just wanna know that he cares.. but I dont think he does. what do I do. Ive dropped hints and everything..|||Tell him you don't need to spend money on valentines day but suggest you do something special together. Even if it means going to a museum or something that you don't normally do, it's the thought that counts.|||i honestly think he is planing something big, he is turning down your invitations because he possibly has something great planed. hey, you never know, he may surprise you! good luck :)

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