Friday, February 24, 2012

Which job should I get?

So I applied for a job at these two places: Fuji Sushi, and Osaka Japanese Steakhouse. Today, I got a call from both of them and they want me to come in for training but which place should I pick over the other?

Fuji Sushi


鈥erves sushi and other Japanese/Chinese foods.

鈥wners seemed a little mean.

鈥 few minutes closer to my house.

鈥 will be a waitress.

鈥aid they will pay me minimum wage.

Osaka Japanese Steakhouse

鈥ery big and more expensive.

鈥hey have a hibachi grill where they cook in front of people.

鈥hey serve more different kinds of food but basically the same as Fuji Sushi.

鈥wners seemed a little nicer.

鈥 little further than Fuji Sushi.

鈥id not specify how much they would pay me.

鈥 will be a hostess (same thing as a waitress)

Also, I am Filipino. The owners of Fuji Sushi are Chinese and the people of Osaka are Japanese. My mom said that a Japanese boss will be more strict. Is this true?

Well I was just looking for suggestions on which I should pick :) Hope you all can help me sort things out. This will be my first job.|||Osaka will probably pay better. If the owners at Fuji seemed a little mean compared to Osaka that's more reason to go to Osaka. Also, strict does not mean bad. Do your job and do it well at Osaka and you'll be great and the better pay will make up easily for the slightly further distance!|||dont listen to stereotypes

you should work at osaka

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