Friday, February 24, 2012

I want to sing country and bluegrass, but I got heckled in the last few places I sang at...?

Hello my name is Joseph. I'm 16 years old and I love country, bluegrass and folk. I live in a small town in Arkansas just outside of Little Rock where my parents opened up a Sushi and Japanese Steakhouse restaurant. Oh yeah, I'm also Japanese, though I don't think that should matter in this day in age, but tell that to those who heckled me the few times I've sang because of my race =(.

I've only just started to sing publicly in restaurants and bars this year, but the few times I've sang I seem to always get a heckler or two. They're usually drunk and they make snide remarks and sometimes racists remarks too. I don't know what to do. I love singing, but sometimes these hecklers get to me. I know there are some Black and Mexican country singers, I wonder if they were heckled when they first started.

I've been singing since I was in elementary school and fell in love with this style of music when I started listening to Johnny Cash and some of my friends listened to all kinds of similar music. Though I appreciate all music though, country, bluegrass and folk are in my heart.

What should I do to persevere and continue doing the thing I love most, singing this genre of music?|||I'm not even an hour from you :D haha. Woo Pig Sooie!

Anyways, I think you should sing your little heart out! :) Who cares what they think? Listening to people who say you can't will never get you anywhere.|||The trick to being "comfortable", is to Sing for YOUR SAKE",

NOT for the approval of listeners.... So, sing CONFIDENTLY

with no thought of others....|||who's a mexican Country singer?? not trying to be rude?? Darius rucker is black but idk of any mexicans?|||Wow that sounds serious... well keep trying, If the folks are usually drunk or out of mind. DON'T LISTEN TO THE D-AMN PEOPLE, don't let it get to you, Im sure the other famous singers have had simmilar problems, but pushed past those problems and continued to sing from their hearts. USE IT O YOUR ADVANTAGE you could maybe wright a song, illustrating your feelings about racism IN A COUNTRY TUNE HAHA it could work, you never know till you try :D|||Eminem was disrespected because he was a white rapper, now make a stand and be an amazing country vocalist! Even if you don't like Eminem, he's famous and has more money than 50 people could spend. You could be the next Kid Rock or Kenney Chesney!

You'll always have haters (and fans), so now is a great time to learn how to deal with them. Just make jokes of yourself to show that you really don't care. Or just smile and ignore them. And, like you said, they're drunk.. So it really shouldn't bother you, sweetie. ^_^

Haters Gonna Hate, hon. You'll still have more fans than haters so just ignore it. I wish you so much luck and I hope to see you in Hollywood one day...(;

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