Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boyfriends 18th Birthday?!?

Alright, we have been together for almost 9months. I plan to do like a lil scavenger hunt (seems kinda lame but if you knew him you know he would like it) Im doing riddles and hiding little presents around his house (his favorite candy, new hollister shirt, sun glasses, new wallet, teddy bear, etc) and then taking him to a Japanese Steakhouse and on a Ghost tour.

I need to know a few things, is this enough? I would think so...neither of us really come from money but i don't want him to think im cheap.

Does anyone have any other ideas for little gifts that i can hide around his house?!

Im also doing streamers and putting balloons everywhere that he has to pop to get the first clue.|||That's an important one...

If you are questioning if what you are doing is enough this place might be a good start鈥?/a>

Good luck

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