Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How can Shiitake be dried?

I couldn't find any dried shiitake in the big grocery, but I really need it to make dashi, we don't have dried bonito fish nor sardines either~ I only have TONS of Shiitake which I'm using for making Gyoza~ %26gt;.%26lt; What other ways are there to make dashi, I'm making miso soup btw. o.o|||don't ever use something that has **** in it's name for food, ever|||This is where powdered hon dashi comes in handy:P

But as weird as is sounds you can use ketchup... like a small glob of ketchup. 10ml/500ml of water. ketchup has umami from the tomato's glutamic acid and it also has salt, sugar and vinegar in the ingredients so it houses various flavours.

I tried it once and you get a hint of ketchup but then again i didn't follow the measurements and just randomly added some amount.

Just add a bit and taste test as you go along.Iit's better than just having only miso and water.

Throw in some sliced shiitake too it can't hurt;-)|||Try posting your question in "food" and not language.
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