Friday, February 24, 2012

Ladies ONLY...Here is my idea for a second date? Opinions please.?

First date:

1) Art museum, followed by D%26amp;B (restaurant/arcade), then comedy club.

Second date:

I want to take her to a Japanese steakhouse

Then, I can't decide on whether we should go see a broadway play (like Wicked or Rent) or a sporting event...she likes sports

Any ideas? suggestions...much appreciated, thanks!|||Japanese steak house is pretty expensive for a second date. You might give her the impression that you're trying to buy her, especially if it's not in your means to take her to a place like that fairly often. My suggestion is to treat her now how you would treat her in the future. Meaning, if you open doors for her now, always open doors for her. Always be yourself in your attempt to win her over. That's what she really wants. Okay, if it's going to be a Japanese steak house and you're going all out like that, uhh.... why don't you ask HER which she would prefer afterwards? She'd probably appreciate that. She might even like to see what it's like just to hang out with you wherever, doing everyday things. Good luck.|||Sounds like you have good ideas of your own...follow you own instincts and I bet you will be successful. Good Luck|||Ask her if she'd like to go to a sporting ebent or a broadway show. I personally would want to go see Broadway.|||seems like your spending a lot of money on the girl but if it was me i feel pretty special if someone put that much effort into a date.... both sounds awesome.. wicked is a great play but you would get to talk more if you went to a sporting event.. i think that would be fun too|||omg. u r rich.|||1st date:- A dinner Than a play/movie

2nd. date:- Something during the day, so both can get a good look at each other, a museum, followed by a nice dinner.|||i'd say go w/ the sports cause u already took her to an art show.....|||Sporting event- shows your taking an interest in what she likes, and theres more room to talk and stuff. If your seeing a play you will be watching that and not getting to know each other as much!|||Well you have good ideas, I'd be happy with either, however if she really loves sports and has always wanted to go to a game or something with you take her there instead of the Broadway show. Hope this helps.

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