Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Culturally speakin wat is da best thang to do when yo weave be on fire?

Two weeks ago yo gurl got asked out on a date at a fine japanese steakhouse restaurant where they be makin yo food in front of ya(cause yall know I cant afford dat shyt wit my own money). Well anyways me and Rayquan was watchin the cook make a show with his juggling skills and throwin stuff up in da air and it was pretty cool actually.

Until da chef accidently dropped one of da shrimps and caused one of dem onion rangs to jump on yo gurls mile long weave. While yo gurl was tryna get this 5 cent weave I stole from a street dealer, Rayquan used da fire exterminator on yo gurl and she ended up lookin like frosty da snowman wit all dat shyt on her face. Then he got in a fight with the chef and now I need to bail him out from da county jail cause otherwise his gurl Deshonte is gone find out about it.|||get r kelly to piss on you|||Zeke get with the flow

you can never turn on me

because I saved all of your ugly

fat pictures you showed me and britney.|||Pinky, dont you ever get tired of cloning people you worthless piece of Shlt? here, I have a job for you, try and locate your real father, that should keep you busy going over prison records for the next few years.|||2 points.

I surely don't feel like lowering my IQ by reading that. That troll story is also FAR too long and far-fetched. . =/|||Probably to put water on it.|||Put it out with Kool Aid.|||I thought that only happened to you firecrackers on the 4th of July|||stick ya head in du buck't a warta.

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