Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quick Japanese sentence help . . .?

Just need help with this sentence. In school we call it '...shi,.....shi' sentences, but I don't know if that's what it's actually called.

Furansu wa ryouri ga totemo oishihattashi, omoshirokattakute kireina tokoro dashi, yokatta tenki desu.

I'm trying to say: In france, the food was very delicious, it was an interesting and beautiful place, and what's more, the temperature was good.

Help me out?|||Not too bad but your past tense usage is a little wonky....you don't add, "-kute" onto a past tense ending. it's either ,"-katta" or "-kute" but not both....It's morte natural to just stick with verb bases in the present tense and then add the past at the very end, like...." Furansu wa ryouri ga umakatta shi, kirei de omoshiroi kuni da shi tenki mo totemo yakatta no yo"

It's not necessary to be so rigidly adherent to grammar rules when speaking a language...native speakers usually don't speak grammatically correct Japanese; that is to say they speak "Natural " Japanese which the grammar textbooks don7t seem to be able to keep up with. Same with English...it's like the difference between , "Would you like to come?" and "wanna come?"
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