Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Question for Japanese people about Japanese cooking?

I make homemade ramen noodle soup and up until recently I have been using the same brand of ramen noodles until they stop making them. Can someone recommend a good brand of ramen noodles (must be chinese-style wheat noodles). Please be very specific so I can try to find the noodles online. Very import, I am not looking for instant ramen noodle soup. I make my own soup base with kombu-dashi. I just want a good brand of noodles ( the dry kind that I have cook myself).Question for Japanese people about Japanese cooking?
Hmmm, are you talking about the brown soba buckwheat noodles?

Try these japanese food sites.


http://www.asianfoodgrocer.com/category/鈥?/a>Question for Japanese people about Japanese cooking?
I am going to recommend a Korean brand - Wang.

One of their dried noodles will give you a taste and texture very similar to soft Chinese hand pulled noodles or Japanese ramen. I've tried A LOT of dried noodles from many Japanese, Chinese and Korean brands. Only Wang managed to produce a taste and texture similar to fresh soft Chinese hand pulled noodles or Japanese ramen! But, stay away from Wang's dried udon noodles; that stuff is pretty close to garbage. Oddly, Wang dried noodles is not that popular among Koreans. I think their taste is too Chinese/too Japanese.

This is one of their dried noodled. This one is dried somen or extra thin noodles: http://www.groceryshopping.stores10.com/鈥?/a>

I can not find the type you're looking for online but they are not that hard to find in Korean grocery stores. H-Mart carry a good selection of them.

This and many other frozen "fresh" noodles will work well too. http://newcentralmarket.com/Gallery1/alb鈥?/a>
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