Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Name my fantasy story i've been writing?

It is set in the medieval time period with magic, alternate races (elves, dwarves, ect) The main characters are Emran and Dashi, and Emran can use magic. The main antagonist in the book is named Toromatha. Please don't give me corny names like "The adventures of Emran and Dashi" If you want to read my story, it is on this URL http://community.scholastic.com/scholast鈥?/a> My screen name is DJ2Twin, and my story is, duh, the unnamed one.|||Name it after a place. If you have location names, pick on of those and simply name it that, since it takes place in that world.|||i like the story, didn't get to finish reading the hole thing tho, and a name?!?! i have no idea sorry cant wait to read the rest of it|||It sounds a lot like the inheritance cycle, aka the eragon books. I tried to find your story, But couldn't. Could you perhaps send it to me? in answer to your question, I think "Bringing" is a wonderful name. Also, "Inheritance", "beginning", and "The coming."

ps: I would really like to read your story. could you e-mail it to me @ rebekahkjos@yahoo.com?|||Your writing is very good, and I'll try to finish reading the whole thing when I can. For a title, I keep mulling around something with the word "clash" in it, but I can't figure out a word to go with it to describe it, maybe you can ;)|||I'd say a good title could be 'Clashing Magic' because the two main characters enjoy swordplay and Emran can wield magic. Not to mention the other magic the story has. I couldn't finish this so I don't know as much about it as would be best, but I hoped I gave you a good idea.

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