Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Best website for authentic Japanese ingredients?

I love Japanese food and I especially love cooking it at home. I'm a gaijin, but I make dashi from scratch and I know the difference between shiromiso and akamiso. I'm at university in Scotland, however, so Asian markets are a little hard to find. I've ordered food online from a shop in Dundee in the past, but they have rather limited options.

Does anyone know of a good website where I can order authentic Japanese ingredients (with reasonable shipping costs)?Best website for authentic Japanese ingredients?
Japan Centre is one of the largest Japanese food shops in the UK with a fantastic selection of ingredients to buy in our London food hall and thousands of items available online!


We have over 70 tasty Japanese recipes online with links to all the products you need to make them. Some of our most popular recipes are sushi rolls, tempura, miso soup and onigiri rice balls.

There is also good value delivery with costs starting from just 拢1.95 with Royal Mail. You can also choose from a vareity of other courier delivery options and can even deliver to anywhere in Europe.

I hope this helps and you find some good ingredients for your Japanese cooking at Japan Centre!Best website for authentic Japanese ingredients?
Tazaki Foods Ltd. You can shop online.They're based out of North England

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