Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why do Americans eat mostly grains, dairy and meat for breakfast?

Living in Japan the thought occurred to me, that as a child. Breakfast was only cereal, eggs, meat and pork. We never ate vegetables - now for 10 years, living in japan - i cant remeber the last time i had meat for breakfast - why are we bred not to eat Vegetables for breakfast in the USA - give me some examples from common restaraunt items for Vegetables other than a western omelette

and on another note -

japanese often eat Miso, konbu (seaweed), a katsuo dashi (bonita/jackmackeral)consumme) for soup, Natto -fermented soybean curd) - no wonder japanese are thin and have less heart disease than americans who feast on cheese, eggs, white breads, suasages, bacon, margerine (Dbl gross) = i am surely ranting - i am rantingWhy do Americans eat mostly grains, dairy and meat for breakfast?
Why ? Well, it's a product of our European ancestory !! That doesn't take much thought. You forgot to point out the love of potatoes in the American Breakfast !!

PART of the reason we ate so heartily was we were carving a civilization out of the frontier !! Getting up at 0400 each morning to milk your cows in the freezing air requires calories !!

It's not so much our diet that makes American's fat... it's the lack of exercise !!
my best friend grew up in Okinawa and she said they always ate rice, soup and veggies for breakfast and most meals, because most people on the island were poor and that the meat had to be shipped from the main land which was very exspensive. It's all about the convience here in the U.S.A.Why do Americans eat mostly grains, dairy and meat for breakfast?
Yeah, I know. I use to work at this resort in Alberta and we had a ton of Japanese tourists. And for breakfast they had prepared for them, miso, salmon and other Eastern goodies. Why do (North) Americans eat what they eat for breakfast. Who knows. It's cultural and it's probably linked to our lack of time and reverence for the preparation of foods that other cultures have. We want it fast, easy and cheap,... and baby we want it NOW. But yes, it still takes time to cook eggs and meat in the morning. Dunno....its right up there with the riddle of the Sphinx!!!!
sometimes its not that easy to eat the way your supposed to . the poor have to eat what they can afford when they are on welfare. the prices of fruits and veg,s are rediculous. i know my answer will get a thumbs down. but i live that live and i know what i'm talking about
So true but we are almost the same in Europe, cereals, beans, meat, eggs, bread.
You're right, but I think alot of us drink juices and eat fruit. Vegetables is not for breakfast much here, unless it's tomato sauce on an old favorite, leftover pizza. The gourmet breakfast.
we were brought up with fruit juice and fresh fruit, the fruit varied depending on the season (oranges grapefruit, bananas and apples in winter) summer was grapes melons and peaches. Not all americans live on fats
That's what we are taught...only now with heart disease so rampant...we decide to eat healthier..all I can think of is juice and tomato's..

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