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Non-traditional types of kimchi?

I'm not korean, but my mother in law is, and we make kimchi together at home (I live with my in-laws to help them, they cannot speak english, have no health insurance, and my umma [mother in law] needs me to help her). I LOVE kimchi, as long as it dosnt have dashi (beef stock) or any other non-vegan food source in it, I'll eat it. She taught me how to make chinese cabbage kimchi, cucumber kimchi, mung bean sprout kimchi, and daikon kimchi. I was wondering... could one also make kimchi from american veggies like fresh green beans, broccoli, carrots, peas, onions, bell peppers, brussel sprouts, white/sweet potatos, etc.? has anybody ever tryed non-korean vegetables made into kimchi? how was it? thankx =)Non-traditional types of kimchi?
I know this is probably traditional, but kimchi dumplings are one of the yummiest things on earth... especially if dipped in 1 part rice wine vinegar, 5 parts soy sauce.

If you have the desire to make your own, marinate frozen and crumbled tofu in flavor of your choice and add that to the kimchi when placing in dumpling wrapper.

Also, Rice Crispies made a kimchi flavored version for a while... but it didn't work out.

broccoli kimchi would be a disaster, but the green beans one sounds like it might be good. i love kimchi as well. i was in Korea for a year (just got back this year) and loved the food.Non-traditional types of kimchi?
Ingredients Directions

Organic foods

1 Napa cabbage

3 Carrots

2 Cucumbers

3 Heads broccoli

2 Bunches scallions

1 Apple

2 Small oranges

1 Lemon

Health food store

Unrefined rice vinegar

Unrefined sesame oil

Kosher salt (or sea salt)

Korean foods store

Crushed red pepper (coarse)

Crushed garlic

Sesame seeds

(Roasted more flavorful.

Raw may be healthier.)

Cooking tools

Large mixing bowl

Small mixing bowl

Cutting board

Cutting knife

Rinse all vegetables in water and salt.

Cut out stem of cabbage with a V-notch, then cut in half lengthwise. Cut each half lengthwise once again, and slice crosswise into strips.

Cut up the cabbage stem into thin strips.

Sprinkle liberally with Kosher salt.

Scoop and stir with hands.

Let cabbage sit while peeling carrots and cucumber. Peel carrots completely. Take strips from the cucumbers.

Section the carrots and cut into thin strips.

Section the cucumbers and cut into thin strips.

Cut broccoli heads into byte-size pieces, cut stalks diagonally to make thin oval slices.

Add salt. Scoop and stir.

Trim scallions, slice the white part down the center, then cut into strips diagonally.

Core and dice the apple and add.

Skin the oranges and lemon.

Slice the oranges, separate into pieces, and add.

Put a handful of chilli pepper into a sauce bowl. Add from a third as much to an equal amount of sesame seeds, and crushed garlic.

Add enough sesame oil to moisten everything, and approximately an equal amount of rice vinegar (enough to make a paste).

Dice the lemon and squeeze into the bowl, add the remaining pieces.

Mix the ingredients in the sauce bowl to make paste, then gently spread the paste into the vegetable bowl.

why not try it? seems like broccoli, green beans would work. you'll never know until you try.
I just don't think they would ferment very well for you.

Have you have this one.

3 bunches Korean ponytail radishes (Burch) or wild leeks

1 cup plus 1 tablespoon salt

1 head garlic, cloves separated and peeled

2 (1-inch) pieces ginger root, peeled

1 bunch scallions, sliced into 1-inch lengths

1/2 cup Korean ground chile

1 tablespoon salted shrimp

Peel radishes, taking care to leave green stalks attached. Wash radishes thoroughly. Drain in a colander. Place on baking sheet and sprinkle with 1 cup salt. Mix and let sit 30 minutes.

Mince garlic and ginger. Combine garlic mixture with green onions, chile, salted shrimp and 1 tablespoon salt. (If mixing with your hands, be sure to wear gloves to avoid chili burn.)

Rinse salt from radishes. Drain in colander. Rub seasoning mix onto radishes.

Set 2 (1-quart) jars on work surface. Divide radishes among jars. Let sit 2 to 3 days before serving. Refrigerate after opening.
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