Saturday, February 18, 2012

Miso soup with meat?

I make the traditional recipe with Miso paste, tofu and dashi. personally it's not very appetizing. I was wondering if there is a recipe of Miso soup made with meat?Miso soup with meat?
Not that I know of. Plus...dashi is dried tuna (Bonito) so I don't think meat would go that well with it. The soup is traditionaly an appetizer and not a main course. I'd stick with the basics.

But there are plenty of Chinese soups that requitre meat. If you really want to stick to Japanese and a soup-like meal...try Shabu-Shabu. That should fit the bill of your 'soup with meat' desire.Miso soup with meat?
i put fish in it (white fish)..or sometimes i put imitation crap meat in it too...but i like fish better.

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