Saturday, February 18, 2012

MISO SOUP Ingredients!?

I'm confused. In order to make Dashi, do you need Kombu? Or can you buy prepared dashi in little packets that you can just put in the water? Which is the correct way to do it? Because I watched a video where a woman prepared her Dashi by using Kombu, and then another woman used prepared dashi in a little packet. What do I buy?|||Yes you can buy dashi in granulated form.

However they tend to be very high in sodium and not as tasty as fresh.

Here is a website that sells instant:鈥?/a>

For my dashi I use Kombu, bonito flakes, dried shitake and water. (if you are vegetarian omit the bonito flakes)

I use instant when I am in a rush and want miso soup fast

I make my own dashi when I have time and want really good miso.

Also keep in mind your miso determines how strong your soup will be. White miso is more delicate and red miso is stronger and saltier. I almost always use white miso in my miso soup. I also love the taste of kombu so I leave in a few of the softened strips in my soup along with some tofu.

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