Saturday, March 3, 2012

What do you think of textured vegetable protein?

I had asked a question earlier about veggie meal but people had difficulty answering it because they didn't know what was in it, i just check the pack it says Textured vegetable protein. I think its soy based or something. Its not frozen, it comes off the shelf and you rehydrate it with hot water. I wanted to know if its a good substitute for meat?|||It's good in soups, sauces and chili. It takes on the flavor of the liquid you soak it in. Try soy sauce, a bit of ginger, garlic and some wine.|||I believe it is highly processed and doesn't contain many nutrients, so it's not good to base your whole diet around it. But it can be used in lots of dishes. I use it occasionally, mixed with grated and finely chopped vegetables and spices, to make sausage rolls (wrapped in pastry).|||it is an okay substitute for some ppl, but I like meat, so I hardly ever eat it. Once camping a guy put some in with green beans and it seemed kind of like bacon.|||One of the best munchie foods.

Bung it in a stew or casserole, I love it.

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