Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Any recipes?

can anyone give me a good recipe for tvp(textured vegetable protein) i dont care what it has in it aside from meat ,mushroomsm, and tomatoes.|||Check your local library for The TVP Cookbook by Dorothy R. Bates, and see what recipes it may have to offer.|||Lasagne is a good and tasty dish to make and you do not have to add tomatoes or mushrooms.|||I think parsley is good.|||I would suggest a chilli. You can add a tin of red kidney beans, some chillis or chilli powder, onions, garlic, finely chopped red and green peppers. If you fry up the veggies and the garlic. Once soft add the beans and the tvp. I would normally add a tomato sauce to it, but you can always use gravy instead.

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