Friday, March 9, 2012

Will i gain weight dieting like this?

my mom said i wouldnt but ever since i became a vegetarian i don't lose weight when i eat just veggies and the same when i totally pig out. so i came up with a diet that consists of a lot of protein (the numbers are how many grams of protein in each thing):


2 egg whites (7g) or just 1 egg (7g). 1 serving of peanut butter (7g) and an apple. 3 days out of the week i will have a bagel (11g).


either grilled cheese (13g), tvp (textured vegetable protein) taco(17g), a spinach casserole (9g), or tofu stir fry (7g). one of the first 3 with a vegetable.


a fruit and 1/2 a cup of sunflower nuts (14g)


either tvp (textured vegetable protein) taco(17g), a spinach casserole (9g), or tofu stir fry (7g). the first 2 with a vegetable.




8 glasses of water, 1 cup of milk, and one serving of either v-fusion or v-8.


30 minute walk/jog either outside or on my treadmill. 100 sit-ups. i do this daily.

thats every thing. i am working on getting all my fruits and veggies in along with all my protein. does this sound like to much? all my breads r whole wheat except for the bagels.

i'm 15, i'll be 16 october 30th, i weight 194lbs., and i'm a girl.

what do u think? will i lose or gain weight?

please no comments saying, " well stop being veg then maybe u will lose weight." because i didn't do it to lose weight, i did it for the animals and i will never go back to eating meat.

thanks for all the help!|||I don't know if is is going to be good for you, but you can look it up and see if it is to little or to much calories, fat, protein, ect.. Just go to They have a place where you can build your own menu and put in exactly what you eat and it will tell you how many calories it is. Also, you put your age weight in and it tells you how much of each food group you need and they mention non-meat option for the protein group. I think it's great, helped me when I thought I was dieting right and I was always hungry. Ended up that I was eating 400 calories less then what I should have been. Hope this helps.|||Hey that is a good diet plan and exercise regime you will definitely see the results that you are looking for keep up the good work.|||I'm a vegetarian as well.

Why do you feel you need to eat so much protein? No, you are not going to lose weight on that diet.

Snack on vegetables, instead of fruit if you are eating 2-3 hours before you go to bed.

A healthy diet consists of 50% carbs, 25% protein and 25% fat. This is a diet anyone without a metabolic condition needs to follow whether they are trying to lose, gain or maintain.

The most important thing is where you are getting your calories from. Make sure you are eating healthy sources-all whole wheat, avoid high sodium, simple sugars, etc..

Don't eat foods that are "low fat, or low carbs, etc." because that generally means they are high in simple sugars or bad fats.

Eat the least amount of processed foods as possible.

You need to change up your workout routine. You should never do the same exercise two days in a row. Your body can become used to an exercise very quickly and it stops being effective, which I think is what has happened to you. Combine weight training (if you don't have access to a gym do body weight exercises), with different types of cardio.

Good luck!

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