Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What are some things I can do with ground turkey?

I am trying to change my lifestyle and really enjoy lean ground turkey meat, but besides putting it in pasta and make turkey burgers I need some other ideas or recipes or I will get sick of it super fast...I have already tried, tacos, burgers, pasta and meatballs, is there anything else out there...and does anyone have any good recipes for TVP(Textured Vegetable Protein)??|||You can pretty much substitute the ground turkey for ground beef in any recipe. Just google a dish that you want to try and switch the meat ingredient.

Cabbage rolls.

Sheppard's pie


Hamburger Helper

Burritos|||I'm going to let you in on a little secret. If you get 96% lean ground beef and compare it to lean ground turkey, the calorie, fat, and cholesterol content are nearly identical. But, the ground beef has more iron and b12 in it. So, my point is, you can be healthy without going overboard and consuming only 1 type of meat. Lean ground beef is usually cheaper, just as lean, yet healthier than ground turkey. So, don't be afraid to mix it up a little bit. One of the biggest challenges people run into is getting into a rut and getting sick of something, so they abandon it completely. It's really easy to do that with food, so you have to stay on top of it.|||You could try Swedish meatballs (substituting yogurt for cream, etc) and any of the Indian kofta recipes in addition to the usual "Italian" ones. Also, Chinese shumai and minced turkey in lettuce cups come to mind. I make Italian sausage with a mix of pork and chicken - I.m sure turkey would work as well.

Turkey cutlets can be used for any veal recipe, so think about those too.|||Cook ground turkey with some diced onions,

season salt. Add a can of Bush's baked beans, and put over mashed taters, on bread, or just by itself. I used to babysit my sisters when I was a teenager, and my Mom always had me prepare meals that were cheap, simple to make, and filling!

When your Mom is the only one supporting the family on a CNA's income in the 70's, you learn to cook some weird but tasty combinations!

Dang I miss commodity cheese!|||we have completely eliminated ground beef from our household. I made "Dirty Rice" with the ground turkey instead of beef last week. Meat Loaf is another...chili

You can do a lot with ground turkey...I even added it to macaroni and cheese and my kids loved it.|||Well this is along the lines of turkey burger but what I do with gr turkey is to make patties, but make them more of a long and skinny rectangle shape. I cook them and then put them in pita bread with fresh cut veggies, cheese and a lo-cal dressing. Mmmm...|||Ok, well, you've got the right idea here in that you can use ground turkey(or even TVP) anywhere that you'd use ground beef. Try sloppy joes, stroganoff, pasty (ground meat and potato in pie crust), chili, meatloaf.....|||Chili or stuffed peppers.|||well you've already done pretty much with it.. I was going to suggest spaghetti, I love that.. Good luck.

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