Friday, March 9, 2012

What do you think about tvp/tsp is it healthy?

how often do you eat it?how do you cook it?

i am 16 and my mom just bought me some i looked up some recipes but i was in a hurry so i put 1/2 cup dry tvp and 1/2 cup of soymilk(the recipes mostly dehydrated with water or vege broth..but i used soymilk for fun lol, and it turned out good!) and put in the microwave for 4 minutes. and mixed with peanuts after..

i ate it and it was a good treat and i enjoyed eating it thinking it was so healthy (i was amazed by it's nutritional value and was planing on eating this for brekafast a lot (instead of oatmeal..which has the same about of 150calories but only 5 grams of protein..and tvp has 24g. protein for 160cals!!!)

then i read this...

By the girl named "nubbyknowhow"'s answer.

it makes sence to me so far..

is she right?

do you think its health to eat tvp with soymilk and some nuts???|||Processed doesn't mean its bad for you. Although I agree with "nubbyknowhow" that whole beans would be more preferable TVP is a good, cheap and quick source of non-animal protein. If you like it the way you make it- eat it. Moderation is the key and it sounds like you are getting other protein sources anyway (soy milk, nuts etc.)

I think it is good for your health and would continue to eat it and find other things you enjoy eating.|||It's probably not healthy because it's so processed but it can't be worse than meat. :0)|||TVP available for decades is the original "mock" meat, textured so that when cooked, it will approximate the taste and texture of the real thing (from pork to chicken to shrimp). A lot of people use it like regular tofu,in stir fries and stews that call for meat or seafood. I remember my mom once made a sort of "shrimp curry" using TVP. Not like the real thing of course but close enough. Served over steamed jasmine rice, it worked out quite well. But be careful. some TVP makers ,in order to make it more authentic, soak their TVP in meat or sea food broth before dehydrating them. So technically,these types are not vegetarian( it should ssay so in the packagingor label) . It's not tricking the customers per se as TVP was originally was made to be a cheap alternative to meat and seafood ,not as a vegetarian option.|||True vegans would never eat processed stuff like that. It is extremely unhealthy and loaded with sodium and preservatives. Only "wannabe" vegetarians eat garbage like that.
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