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Least expensive place to purchase textured vegetable protein (TVP) by the case?

I'm trying to stretch my food dollar a bit and I've really liked the textured vegetable protein I've found in local groceries, but it's not sold locally in any case-sized quantities at a decent price. I know there are places out there that offer TVP for sale in case quantities, but I'm not finding very many stores or websites. Anyone know of any stores or sites selling TVP by the case at a relatively low price?|||You can try the two links I've put below. I've bought food from before and though some items may seem more expensive...they offer free shipping with a $75 order. I still have several vacuum sealed bags of nutritional yeast left from my last order.|||Oh what a great idea! TVP is the perfect thing to buy in bulk. My mother buys it from the local bulk food store, but she talks to them ahead of time and actually gets the large bag it comes in. You get a discount for ordering so much, and it never goes bad.

Have you tried marinating it (the slice size) and putting it on shish-ka-bobs? It's my favourite meal of all time.


TVP (the flat chunk size)


(There really aren't specific amounts you use for this. Just make sure there is enough marinade to coat all the TVP liberally. Use lots of everything, you can鈥檛 use too much for this recipe. Please adjust to taste)

olive oil

apple cider vinegar

chili powder


chili flakes (or jalapeno, or hot sauce, depending on desired heat)

garlic, crushed

Reconstitute TVP by pouring boiling water over it and leaving it for 15 minutes. Drain well. Put TVP and marinade in a container and shake to coat. Put in fridge and leaving it there for at least a day, preferably 2 or 3 days. Make sure to shake/flip it periodically during this time. You can even sample it cold from the fridge and it's really tasty!

2 cooking options:

1. Shishkabobs: The TVP is great on sticks with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, and pineapple. Take all the veggies and put them in with the TVP marinade and shake it around so everything gets some of the flavour. Make sure to soak the shishkabob sticks in water for a bit before using them or they'll burn.

2. BBQ-ed by itself: We use one of those camping cook racks, with the big long handle. You can just put all the TVP in it, clamp it together, and put it on the BBQ (or over a fire!) It's delicious - some bits crispy and a bit burnt, some juicy and succulent.|||You could consider making your own seitan (wheat meat) from vital wheat gluten (in the health food section or flour section of the grocery). It is high in protein, just takes a while to make it.

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