Friday, March 9, 2012

What to wear to electric zoo festival?

I'm going to Electric Zoo and I don't know what would be suitable to wear? Like something comfortable, lightweight etc. Any ideas? Btw I'm a 16 yr old girl so think along those lines|||your going to get dirty, last year i came back covered in dirt, its dusty from all the dancing and wind, so wear sneakers you don't mind getting dirty or plan to throw out afterwards, sneakers are best cuz u want to be comfortable ull be doing a lot of standing/dancing all day. Wear neon colored/bright colored clothes, thats the trend. wear a fanny pack, most ppl get the neon colored ones from american apparel, *only time ever acceptable to wear a fanny pack lol* trust me on the fanny pack, way better than a small backpack! just wear shorts and a tank top. fun styles and colors. in terms of accessories- go all out! its your time to have fun and play up your outfit in any way you desire.

Also here is some perfect advice from a gr-8 site! check it out:|||if it has to do with animals, a black panther

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