Monday, March 12, 2012

How can I find out about events happening in my city BEFORE they happen?

I'm always late to find out about cool things happening in NYC, and I need to know of a site or something that will keep me up to date on things going on around me, because I'm always late to find out about them.

For example just recently I missed out on "Electric Zoo" and "Fashion's Night Out"

I'm interested in pretty much any event that brings out a lot of artists and celebrities, but mostly a huge crowd of fans. (I want become more social, and break out of this bubble I've trapped myself inside of)

I thought would help me out and signed up for their email service, but it only seems to give me info about MSG events, and I don't really like MSG.

I'm pretty much into any type of event/genre (but no MSG)

Please help, otherwise I will be doomed to live through an uninteresting young adulthood.|||Firstly, if you have the power of time travel, this will greatly increase your chances of knowing what's going on in the future.
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