Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Soy free textured vegetable protein (TVP)?

My son is allergic to all meats other than turkey, as well as soy, rice, oats, milk, egg, wheat, apples, and coconut. I'm dying for some tacos and we're all SO tired of turkey. I was wondering if there is a textured vegetable protein made from some other vegetable than soy?

Yesterday I found a recipe for Burmese tofu (called Nofu or Chickfu) made from chickpea flour and it's currently setting in the fridge, but I don't know how to cook with tofu since it had always been off limits, I'm not sure I can use it to make something like taco filling. I'm hoping it will work, does anyone else have any other suggestions?|||There is a product called Quorn which is made from yeast protein. There may be stockists in the US. It comes in lots of different formats from sausages, 'steaks' mince and ready meals.

The manufacturer is Marlow Foods, and the website www.quorn.com will give you more information.

I've tried it several times, and the texture is very close to meat. It's a much better substitute to tofu.

You're welcome. Just sorry I couldn't help more. Your son's diet must be very restrictive and frustrating for both him and the family. I studied Food Technology, but I just can't think of many other vegetable protein alternatives, other than the Soya protein you mention. I presume you've tried red split lentils if he's not allergic to pulses as a type if 'mince' substitute. There's always the Green Puy lentils too. Certainly with Tofu, the taste is extremely bland and boring to eat. Cutting or coarsely grating into smaller pieces, then marinading it in a little olive oil oil and vinegar or lemon juice and then adding interesting herbs and spices, before grilling it to brown and caramelise will help make it more tasty and interesting. Good luck ;-)|||There are TVP, that are make from Peanut, I think you could try this,
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