Saturday, March 3, 2012

Looking 4 casual restaurnt good food (upscale food?) Toronto?

Going to dinner tonight in the downtown area. Would like a recommendation for food...could be japanese, korean, steakhouse etc. Shouldn't be loud noisy bar, but somewhere casual with friendly environment and good food...thanks|||I have 3 recommendations, Barberians on Elm, there is a Thai place acrossed the street, The Bangkok Garden, there is a nice Japanese place on Church St Ah-So, and there is a great Korean place on Queens St almost acrossed the street from City-TV, you can grill or cook your own food over small BBQ's.

I am a bit of a know it all having been a chef in Toronto and and all over Canada for 20 years, you have any number of choices in the downtown area.|||If you plug your city into and hit map it then put restaurants in the search engine it will give you a list of restaurants in the area. GL.|||The Keg mansion, or any Keg for that matter, Marche, move ' n pick. Ed's warehouse, Gate 403, Quok Te,

In Toronto, there is a great restaurant on every block

If you want to venture out to Mississauga, there are some good ones there also. May i suggest the Barbazon or the old Barber house. Both of those are worth the drive.

If not, the Mandarin is always a favourite, but not as intimate|||Please refer the site below for your requirement.

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