Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why do I suddenly have discomfort and pain in my lower, left abdomen?

I am a 33 yo male without any abnormal GI issues. 4 days ago, I ate dinner at a Japanese Hibachi steakhouse. Everything was fine but then that evening, I felt a dull, but rather piercing pain in my lower left abdomen, just above my pelvic area. It feels like what typical gas pains feel like. I have had gas pains before, but none ever lasting 4 days. I am going to soon make an appointment with my doctor, but I wanted to get some ideas on here. Here are some other pointers...

%26gt; It hurts most when I get up from a sitting position.

%26gt; I have located the point of pain to be in my left, lower abdominal area, about 2 inches down from my bellybutton and 2 inches to the left.

%26gt; It hurts when I apply pressure to the area.

%26gt; The pain has not spread to another area during the passed 4 days.

%26gt; Bowel movements and urination do not provide relief.

%26gt; I do not have a loss of appetite; no nausea; no abnormalities in stool appearance.

%26gt; The pain has not yet disturbed my sleep.

As I stated above, this just began all of a sudden. I never dealt with pain like this for this long. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.|||Hi, I don't know what your particular case is for sure, but I can tell you something that I have experienced that sounds a bit similar.

I was doing some mechanical work in a tight space that required a lot of uncomfortable twisting and pulling. My lower abdomen just left of my belly button (about 2 in.) had a sudden extreme pain and a swollen knot appeared. I laied out flat to stretch and it ached in that area for about a week. Turns out I had a herrnia, not to say you do, but it's worth a thought.

I would say that the best thing to ask your self is wheather or not you have done any uncomfortable straining at all, but this isn't the only cause. Hernia is a tear in the abdoninal wall and there can be different levels of sevarrity. Here is a link to reasurch, if you want......

Hope this helps.|||possible diverticulitis. wikipedia this.|||You have me stumped. If you said that there was a problem with your stool then I would have had something for you but all I can say is go see your Doctor.|||it may have something to do with your prostate i know it sounds stupid but you never know i would advise getting it checked my pop had prostate cancer

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