Saturday, March 3, 2012

(U of O) University of Oregon or (arizona State) ASU or (northern Arizona university) NAU?

I'm tied between these three schools. I live in portland, and I LOVE this city almost too much. I always go down to euegene to party and i've toured the campus which is beautiful. I just visited NAU and I think i loved it. I love the size of their dorms/classes and attention they give to undergrads, but i'm a little party girl to say and I didn't really pick up any fun-vibes. Eugene has a ton of concerts and I have a passion for seeing shows so if NAU doesn't have that I'd miss out. I don't really know anything about ASU so anything would help with that one! I drove through the campus on the way to the airport and saw their saturday market and beautiful lively campus and liked it.

1)Any experiences from any of the schools?

2)What's the night life (parties, concerts, restauraunts) like at all these schools?

3) Which out of all is the most prestigious (for a future resume) ?

My intended major: Forensic Psychology|||My mother went to ASU, she said, that their supplies were very dated, and the school was kind of falling apart, that was 20 years ago though. Today, ASU is known as the party school. ASU always has parties and drunks.
NAU, is more open, and in a better spot. ASU, is in the middle if the city, while NAU is up in the mountains. Also, NAU campus is more spread out, but people can drive through it, unlike ASU. ASU is located by a lot of clubs and restaurants.
I do not know about U of O, because I do not live in Oregon.
I would also recommend U of A (University of Arizona), my mother went there too, and she said it was way better than ASU.|||from what i heard asu is the funnest school and has fun parties and they have mil avenue which when you turn 21 it is a block filled with bars that college kids go to after football games.

i am going to ASU next year which i am looking forward to

the guy above that says University of Arizona is better is right with academics but there is nothing to do in that town that is why the students of university of arizona go to ASU to look for fun.

since there are a lot of parties at asu a lot of kids drop out because of bad grades
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