Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nutritional Info on Hibachi?

Dinner tonight was at a Japanese steakhouse, featuring the usual Hibachi grill. The chef didn鈥檛 use much butter from what I could see- he greased down the grill with oil instead, using the butter mostly mid-way through the cooking, and not much even then. I ordered the Hibachi Shrimp, which came with the usual vegetables (tons of onions, and some broccoli). If the only sauce on it was soy sauce, and of course what I assume was sesame oil鈥ould anyone give me some rough nutritional info on this (calories, fat, etc?)|||well, it all depends on how much rice you ate... the oils aren't that bad for you (relatively speaking), and the veggies shouldn't give you too many calories. The most would definitely come from the rice in any case. What you could do is estimate how much rice you ate, and then check that on one of those nutritional websites, and then add up the meat, and that would give you a 'rough figure'.

That said, Asian food is usually good for you, except for the salt...

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