Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cat transport?

My father is in Eugene, Oregon and is terminally ill. I need someone who is going from Eugene ,Oregon to Portland Oregon to take cat and carrier to Portland airport so cat can fly to Kansas. Anyone available to do this? I don't have much money - just need some help.|||I suggest you post on the craigslist sites local to that area. More explanation about the cat and its plight would seem to make it more likely that people would respond. Also, I think you should check into how airports handle people sending items that are not their own belongings. You may not be able to drop off an animal that is not your own for interstate travel. Also, check with cat rescue groups local to that area, who may be able to foster the cat until you can find a way to get it to Kansas.

Better, you might be able to hire a shipping company to pick the cat up at your dad's location and ship it direct to Kansas, like by FedEx. It might not be any more costly than using an airline, and it is unlikely to be any more risky to the pet.

Good luck|||I hope your dad gets better :]

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