Saturday, March 3, 2012

I went to an expensive steak house and they ruined my steak. Is there anything I could do?

I went to CUT steakhouse @ Beverly Hills for my cousin's birthday. I ordered one of the most expensive steaks, the Japanese Wagyu Steak that costs $120. When it came, it was just way too salty. Too many things going on that night and it was serve late around 10PM so I was starving. I wanted to tell the waiter about my steak but I was starving and kept thinking maybe I will tell him after this bite. I didn't really had a chance to tell the waiters before I finished the steak.

Now I am home, and I just couldn't stop thinking about how I paid $120+tax+gratuity for that steak. I really want to tell the restaurant manager about my experience, but I don't think there's much he can do for me. Any tips???|||Next time send it back upon yuur first bite,

and SPECIFY that you want it with no, or very little salt.

They rarely refund money but if you call(and complain) you may get a 2/1 coupon or something|||You should call and talk to the manager and he will probably give you a discount on your next meal. There's not much they can do since you ate the steak. It must not have been that bad if you stayed and ate. You could have gone somewhere else.

At a restaurant, if you caomplain, they will make sure you get the next steak that comes out of the kitchen. You don't have to wait as long as you did to get your food.|||well, here is a suggestion, if you had a pleasant waiter/waitress and your overall expierence at the restaurant met or exceeded your expectations then i would at least tell the manager that. then you can tell him/her that you didnt enjoy the steak because (insert complaint here). that way they dont mess other peoples food as well, and it never hurts to inform a manager of a complaint. who knows, he might offer you a gift card to return and give them another try.|||You really should have made your complaint right away. Food is my profession so I am very picky about what I order and how it is served. You might not get much satisfaction after the fact, however, try writing a letter to the manager. Make sure to give the date of the event and explain the late hour of the evening and why you felt compelled to complete your meal, even though it sounds like it was not palatable. Good luck!|||I don't know know if the manger will do anything now. however managers do like to get feedback from their patrons. At this I would call the restaurant up and speak with the manager. Preferably not during a busy time. Then he can and should pay attention to you.

If nothing else you have voiced your opinion which does matter.|||Many restaurants over salt their food. I always ask for my food unsalted. In addition to never having to deal with that problem, my food is often fresher. I also feel better when I don't eat any salt.

You should have complained right away and sent the steak back. It's your money, you should get what you pay for. You could have asked for an appetizer to tide you over or at least some bread.|||I feel as your other answerers do. You blew it by not talking to your wait person or manager at the time. You can call the manager and explain the situation but don't expect any form of compensation since you did eat the steak. I'm sorry you blew $120.00. This is a tough lesson to learn.

Better luck next time.......|||japanese wagyu beef is a very good cut a beef that isnt supposed to be salty since it hides the flavor.... u should have spoke up before u left the resturant.. but best way to cmbat a bad resturant is word of mouth..... post everywhere u can legally that the meals are overpriced and taste horrid.... if enough people see it.... they won't go....but wagyu beef is delicious and a tad of salt and pepper is all ti needs|||just tell him, whats the worse that could happen? its not like hes your friend or anything. complain about the quality of the steak but since you already ate it not sure what could happen. most nice resteraunts have good customer service so he may be really nice and give you a free steak or just get really mad.|||Too late. you really should have said something before you finished the steak but at the very least you should have said something before you paid the bill... You completed the transaction, consider it a life lesson.|||Not much point worrying about it now .Its too late .You should have said after the first bite so that they could bring you another.You always have a chance to tell a waiter , just put your hand up and wave.Simple.|||You blew it. You should have called the waiter over after the first bite. Lesson learned for you.|||wow $120 for a steak? try something more like $20 maximum and you should have complained hell for $120 that better be the best d*mn steak on the planet|||Maybe it was meant to be salty, have you checked the internet?|||Just complain! XD... It works every time.|||if you were paying 120 buck for a steak you probably shouldve waited a bit longer for them to make a new one to your liking. now that you've ate the entire steak there's not much they can do except think your lying about it if you ask for a refund. but if you ever go there again make sure you explain that the last time you were there the steak was over salted and that you didnt wanted to complain or insult the chef, and politely ask them to make sure this doesn't happen again. maybe they will give you some kind of discount or something free like most expenxive restaurants do when they have an unsatisfied costumer|||Peg, as a server in a fine dining restaurant I must be frank and tell you you are screwed. If you do not like the way something is made you send it back. A good server would have made sure you had something to eat in front of you (like your side dishes) and probably paid for the whole meal while they cooked you a new steak. The fact that you left says it wasn't that bad. Take it as a loss, you'll look ridiculous calling now. It's worse than eating the whole thing THEN complaining.|||You really should have done something at the time. They probably would have provided you with a complimentary appetizer or snack while you waited for a new steak, especially at a restaurant of that caliber. You can, however, still contact the restaurant and tell the manager on duty about you sub-par experience and explain to him/her your situation. It can absolutely not hurt and I would imagine at the least, you will get a gift card or voucher for a future visit. A restaurant of that level doesn't like to have bad experiences and them giving you something to help ease your frustration would certainly be in their interest. It will NOT hurt to call and talk to a manager, so I highly recommend you do that.|||Get the steak; go up to the manager; and shove it right up his shitter!!

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