Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chef working in japan?

I am a American chef i currently work as a saute cook at a 5 star steakhouse, because of my love and passion for food, I want to move to Japan, as of right now not permanent, just for a year or two. But i was wondering the step i have to take to live over there. I have a valid passport and speak a little Japanese but i am working on it daily so i can become fluent. and do i have to have a job before i go over there, if so can anyone tell me tips where to look.|||You need a work visa to work in Japan. To get the work visa you need a degree %26amp; a job offer before you get there. Try the sites below.|||The short answer, as you have already found out from your previous inquiry is, and always will be, no.

MOSQUE may be in touch soon. Really, LOL.

"Hey, I was told no the first time I asked, let's be like a 4 year-old and just ask again and hope for a different reality."|||You asked this already :) dont worry you will still receive an answer
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